D300-High Performance Professional PCM-DSD Network Digital Music Transport


Meaning of Digital transport

Transport is specially designed for professional high performance HIFI playback. Compared to integrated player, transport need more experience of cable connection and equipment collocation, however, the bigger space, better power supply and magnetic shielding, standardized audio transfer channel make transport the best match for Hi-End playback.

Soundaware has been R&D on digital transport since 2010. We launched D100 in 2012, D100PRO Deluxe in 2013 and D100PRO femto version in 2016. Along all these years, we have earned affirmation and support from lots of audiophiles worldwide.





Based on above criterion, eminent output need:

Accurate data. 2. Accurate and stable clock. 3. Synchronous data and clock. 4. Complete waveform. 5. Low noise.

Any of it fails, it may happen data output loss, unstable sound with less details or controlling.

The so-called USB transport or sole network port transport only solves the transfer process of data, not providing any audio clock to the decoder, so it doesnt make any real sense actually. The decoder in this kind of system cant be HI-END because it involves too much in clock process, power supply and decoding process. The genuine standard audio protocol transport has an independent clock and power supply processing, it provides a high quality clock and data to synchronize, this will reduce decoders burden greatly. Make the decoder focusing on DA process to motivate the quality level of it.



The D300 incorporates a new generation of linear CPU and professional low-noise linear power supply, aerospace-grade sockets for better responsiveness and significantly lower EMI emissions. At the same time,

it uses copper-nickel-zinc alloy to all seal-shield FPGA and clock part in order to reduce external interference. Plus it also uses a galvanized iron plate of up to 5 mm thick to isolate power transformer, filter and PCB boards.

The following technical features assure the quality of signal and significantly improve D300s analytical power as well as sound transparency:

6+4 layers of PCB design

Complete isolation of each individual layer

The key signal lines are all double isolated.

Use the patch instead of the direct plugged components to reduce radiation of the receiving area.



























Why is the connecting cable of SPDIF protocol interface (Coax, AES, Optical etc.) very important?

Now the theoretically average jitters of SPDIF receiver is about 50PS, truth is generally above 100ps. An entry-level CD transport systems output is more than 2NS. All these data is on basis of a reference AES cable. If use a same level coaxial cable, it will add 100PS, if use a DVD RCA signal wire as a coaxial cable, hundreds of picosecond may appear. In this case, jitters of cables are even more than those of the transport system. Cables care the most of the bandwidth and impedance matching, but AES requires less than coaxial cable, this is why we suggest good AES cables. If budget is limited, then a well-made AES cable with single crystal copper digital line base would be proper. DIY coaxial cable is not recommended.

Choice between D280 femto and D300?

D300 uses a better level of power supply system than D280 while transformer and key materials improve as well. D300 has more clock input and output, AES, RJ45 and IIS&DSD output. The design and craft is also better.

What should we care when collocate with D300?

D300 is still relatively sensitive to its power supply cable because of its  built-in high-performance filter. Thus you should focus on the quality of the power cord and socket.


How to connect HDMI and single-ended IIS & DSD native output?

Our HDMI IIS line sequence is compatible with most of DACs, you may need to customize one if yours is not compatible.

What level should the clock be as an exterior clock for D300?

If you really want, then it must be a Hi-end clock. Word clock is used to synchronize the transport and the DACs clock, if your DAC has this interface, you may try to connect.

What are the outstanding features of D300 comparing with D100PRO femto version?

Mainly in the following areas: Based on the D100PRO femto versions PCB and circuit, shell, shielding and other functions, D300 has them fully upgraded. The sound quality is Hifi-orientated improved. From the scale of 1 to 100 perfect sound quality, D300 performs 80, D300REF achieves 95 while the D280 femtosecond is 75.